Dress options

Alexsis C Star gives you three different design options

Custom unique:

Alexsis C Star custom designed wedding gowns are completely made to measure, one-off original designer bridal gowns. These wedding gowns take five fittings starting with a calico toile and we work with you to create a gown that perfectly highlights your style and personality and incorporates the themes and ideas of your wedding day. 

We start with a one and a half hour consultation to work together to design your perfect custom designed wedding gown. 

There is one consultation and five fittings.

Orders for our custom unique gowns must be placed a minimum 6 months before your wedding date.


Customised ready-to-wear:

Our customised ready-to-wear gowns are designed to incorporate your wedding dress ideas within a streamlined creative process.

Styling and fabrics are kept simple, relaxed and elegant so that these wedding dresses all have our handcrafted quality, fit and sophistication, with the ease and price of a ready-to-wear wedding dress.

There are one consultation and two fittings.

Orders for our custom ready-to-wear gowns must be place a minimum 3 months before your wedding date.


Ready-to wear

Visit our studio to view and try on pieces from our collection. Styling and fabrics are kept simple, relaxed and elegant and include gowns and deluxe separates - jackets, skirts, slip dresses, tops and tunics - that can be purchased straight away.

Your consultation

The consultation will be a meeting with Alexsis. She has a limited number of brides that she will work with at a time, and it’s important that you and Alexsis make a good personal connection to ensure your dress is everything you want it to be. 

Bring to the appointment anything that you will be wearing on the day (eg. Jewellry, shoes, head dress etc) and any mood boards or photos that you have collected. You are also welcome to bring any friends or family to the appointment as well but we request that you keep this to no more than 4 people. We generally find that you get the best value out of including those whose style opinion you value and aligns to you view. 

If you wish to proceed, a 50% deposit is required and confirmation of availability of Alexsis for your wedding date is required and then the first consultation meeting is set. 

The Fittings

The number of fittings will depend on the Dress Option that you go for. 

A Custom Unique dress will require 5 fittings. 

A Customised Read-to-wear gown will require 2 fittings.

A Ready-to-wear gown doesn't require a fitting at all, you just come in to try and buy. 

When you come to your fitting, you need to bring the undergarments that you will be wearing on the day, shoes, jewellery and anything thing else that will form part of your bridal attire. This will ensure that the length, bodice and any other considerations are made to fit perfectly.

Working with Alexsis on a Custom Unique gown

If you’re choosing to have a Custom Unique Gown made, then you will need to work through the process with Alexsis to made the changes to the design. To achieve this, a collaborative approach will be taken, where you share your ideas and inspiration with Alexsis. Using your chosen dress as a template or if it’s a complete design from scratch, a private Pin Interest board will be collated to help you both get on the same page and taking your notes, she will prepare sketches of your dress. Based on your feedback, she will adjust for the second design meeting where you will agree or tweak the design. 

Once agreed, the next stage in creating a mock-up of your dress for you to try on. This is another opportunity to finely tweak any points of the dress that are not quite working with the look you wanted or not fitting perfectly with your figure, this is the stage that will see these changes. 
The objective is to make sure you get the absolutely perfect dress. 


What are the fees?


There are certain circumstances where additional fees will be charged in addition to your gown cost: 

  • Rush fee – if you are placing your order less than 8 weeks from the wedding date, we will charge you an additional 10% on the dress price. 
  • Change request fee – once the design is agreed, there will be a fee for any changes to the design once work has commenced.